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Mrdoblep a streamer who has recently started in this world and decided to work with us to create a keycap with his channel logo, showing an impeccable attitude and an exceptional treatment. Good luck on your way!!!!.



Ibai Llanos is one of the biggest Spanish speaking streamers in the world. This keycap features his logo and branding in a white style that takes advantage of the lights on your keyboard.

Keychain for KEYCAPS with LEDS

Are you a typing addict? me too.

That’s why I take my keychain with me everywhere I go so I can get rid of my stress.

New Arrivals

What is an artisan keycaps?

An artisian keycap is an exclusive and handmade piece of jewellery, which takes a lot of work and a long time to make. This is the reason for its high price.

When you buy a keycap you are buying something exclusive for your keyboard that few people will not be able to have. In our case we can personalize the keycaps to the taste of the consumer and we can make any type of customization necessary.

Presentation video

Handmade Keycaps

Using resin and hand painted.


There won't be a keycaps equal to yours

Customizable designs

All what you think is posible to do.

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